Air roller motors, RM seriesZAO INSTRUM-RAND development team is the first on the world market to design a new series of RM air motors which have bodies of rotation (rollers) instead of plastic vanes.


This design of RM series air motor increases operational life, reduces factory labor inputs and cuts materials consumption. Another feature is that the rotor is made as built-up (the shaft is made of metal, the cylinder is made of plastic), and in the function of parts pressing the rollers to the stator magnets are used.

The idea was the following to use rollers manufactured of special material with depressed friction ratio instead of traditional platelike vanes. With that, in order to provide air tightness of working space they must keep them in continuous contact with the stator during operation with the help of magnets.

Thus at equal dimensions better technical capabilities have been achieved, than present MRV air motors have now. And the most important is significant extension of lifetime and cost reduction

Specifications air roller motors RM2 series :

Air motors series RM2CM1/4NPT Max. Power 0,63 Kw
Air motors series RM2CM3/8NPT Max. Power 0,75 Kw

Specifications air roller motors RM4 series :

Air motors series RM4AM1/4NPT Max. Power 0,83 Kw
Air motors series RM4AM3/8NPT Max. Power 1,1 Kw
Air motors series RM4AM1/2NPT Max. Power 1,3 Kw